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Bag Sealing Machinery



Category 2              MPS 6500 Series Continuous Band Sealer

The MPS 6000 series of sealers offer you the highest quality and utmost reliability of any machine on the market at the most effective price.

Key design features include; a unique Teflon band tensioner, tool-less access to the seal section, removable sealing sections, the ability to easily add options to the machine in the field, customizable stands, and much more. 

The MPS 6500 models are conveyorized bag sealers capable of sealing bags of any weight.

These sealers are capable of sealing bags up to 150 micron in thickness at production rates (75 micron maximum when gusseted).

The stainless steel 15 cm wide x 1.8 m long conveyor comes with a food grade belt and guide rails. This conveyor can be manually raised and lowered to match any size bag. 


Category 4            ACS6200 / 7200 Series Semi-Automatic Band Sealers


The ACS 6200/7200 series are semi-automatic bag sealing systems designed for horizontal and angled sealing applications such as bakery products, hosiery products, paper products, cases, magazines, and more. With five conveyor lengths to choose from, multiple loading stations can be used to achieve the highest production rate possible. The system has been designed to work with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated loading systems. Optional product compression belts (pictured) are available to compress excess air out of the package prior to sealing. 


Category 3





The MPS 7500-12 series are conveyorized bag sealers capable of sealing bags of any weight. These sealers can seal bags up to 12 mil / 300 micron in thickness at production rates (6 mil / 150 micron maximum when gusseted). These sealers are also ideal for when the speed of an MPS 6000 series machine is not enough to meet your manufacturing needs. The MPS 7500-12 comes with a 12” / 304 mm wide x 10’ / 3m long roller/belt conveyor. The sealer and the conveyor each have their own motors and the speed of the system is electronically synchronized. Designed for 24/7 operation, these sealers are suitable for all production environments. 


Category 1

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