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UF-80 Auto Rotary Type Sealer

Excellent Characteristics:

1. The whole machine is completely made of stainless
steel, aluminum alloy with hardening anti-rust process. In order
to meet sanitary requirements.
2. With small size and space-saving, it is most suitable for small
and medium food processing factories. 
3. The smallest investment creates the highest production efficiency.
4. Any material can be sealed with leakage-free feature.
5. The machine's transmission mechanism is operated under chain
conveying principle. Controlled by a speed acceleration/speed
reduction device. It is easy to operate with great stability. 
6. Additional auto cup-dropping, auto-filling, and auto-coding
devices can be matched with the machine. 
7. Employs intelligent control. In the event of cups, filling and sealing motions do not perform.
8. An outfeed conveyor is available as option for delivering products.
9. The sealing tool set is changeable to meet different cup or container. 
10. With its superior quality, the production capacity of the machine is closer to the large machine. It is the best overall food packaging machine. 

1. ET-80S1~S2 ( SQUARE TRAY TYPE ) is suitable for lunch box,
pudding, bean curd, meat container, fresh frozen food, cold /warm food, agricultural processed food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.
2. ET-80R1~R2 (ROUND CUP TYPE ) is suitable for cupped water, Pudding, Jelly, Beverage, cupped noodles, snacks, various prepared foods ready for heating microwaves, seasoned frozen foods, pickled foods, and processed agricultural products etc.
3. Sealable material: PP, PE, PS, EPS, PSP, PET, PVC, aluminum
foil, paper box, drinking box, etc.

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