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Food Texture Measurement Systems

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Standard Features

  • Four testing modes: Manual, "One Bite", TPA, and multi-step Programmable Mode.
  • Selectable data acquisition Rates and filters with over 2.5 minute test duration at the highest rate.
  • Data Display and storage in either metric or "English" units.
  • Automatic calculations of integrals, slopes, curvatures, statistics and TPA pararneters.
  • Easy exportation of test data to other programs and applications.

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The Computer and Software

Designed specifically for food texture rneasurement, the TMS-2000 software controls the texture Press and performs the data processing for presentation to the operator. Data collection and control are accomplished via TCP/IP Protocol over a PPP link for extreme reliability. There is no hardware addition to the PC as the link is carried out through a standard serial or com port.

Graphing Features

The TMS-2000 displays "Real time' graphic representaton during the test as well as a high resolution graph display at the end of each test. After a series of tests, Groups of tests can be assembled and statistical information can be calculated as well. Test graphs can also be overlaid for additional scrutiny.

The TP-6 Texture Press

The newly redesigned TP-6 is rnuch srnaller, lighter and quieter than any previous FTC Shearpress. The hydraulic system is capable of up to 3000 Ibs of force, for testing very hard products and large sample sizes. The TMS-2000 comes With the industry standard Model CS-1 Krammer Shear-Compression Test Cell as well as one rnodel FTA Force Transducer. FTA Transducers, or "load cells', are available in a +/-10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 and 3000 Ibs of force ranges.

Four Testing Modes

The TMS-2000 is supplied with four test configuration modes. Manual for single movement compression or tensile testing. "0ne Bite" for easy repetitive testing of most food products. TPA mode for in depth research and Texture Profile Analysis. And Program Mode for customized testing with up to 8 stepped movements.

Automatic Texture Profile Analysis (TPA)

Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) is an imitative test designed to subject food to severe crushing and breaking similar that which occurs durina chewing. The TMS-2000 comes with a test prograrn specially designed for TPA analysis.
Food sample is placed between two flat plates and is compressed, then relaxed and compressed again. Seven text parameters result from the analysis of a force position curve, springiness, cohesiveness, fracturability, hardness, chewiness, gumminess and adhesiveness.


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Test Cells

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Stroke Distance:
Maximum Force:
Power :
Dimension :
Weight :
Data Collection :

Variable 0-30 in/mn or 0-76 cm/mn
3.5 in or 8.9 cm
3000 pounds or 13,332 N
15 A, 120 V AC, 60 cycle / 220-240V, 50 cycle also available
19 x 20 x 34 in3 or 48 x 51 x 86 cm3
125 lb or 56 kg
Maximum Data Sampling Rate at 390 sample per second
12 bit A to D conversion for maximum resolution.

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