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Frequently Ask Questions

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What is molecular sieve?

Molecular sieve is a synthetic desiccant that has a very strong affinity for moisture molecules. As part of the manufacturing process, the pore size on the molecular sieve particles can be controlled. The most commonly used pore size is 4 angstroms (4A) although 3 angstroms (3A), 5 angstroms (5A) and 10 angstroms (13X) are available. Because the pore size is controllable, molecular sieve can be used for picking up specific gases as well as moisture. Molecular sieve can hold moisture to temperatures well past 450░F (230░C). Because of its high affinity for moisture, molecular sieve is able to bring the relative humidity in packages down as low as 10% Rh. The United States FDA has not approved molecular sieve for direct contact with consumable items, although in Europe molecular sieve is used with pharmaceuticals.

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