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Desiccants & Adsorbents

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Liquid Absorbers & Spill Containment



Superabsorbent DriMop Liquid Absorber quickly absorbs up to 300 times its own weight in aqueous solutions for efficient containment of spills.

DriMop has distinct advantages for your applications:

  • Easy to use and fast-acting
  • Immobilizes a wide range of solutions
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit specific needs
  • An efficient solution for emergency use

DriMop's many applications include the handling and shipping of:


  • Aqueous solutions
  • Dilute alkalis
  • Biohazardous fluids
  • Toxic solutions
  • Urine specimens
  • Etiologic agents
  • Radioactive solutions

How DriMop Works

In the presence of fluid, the specially formulated DriMop packet quickly bursts open, releasing a superabsorbent polymer powder which quickly absorbs and immobilizes a wide range of solutions. The resulting gelatinous material is easily contained by an outer vessel, shipping container or some other such device.

Available Sizes

DriMop packets are available in a broad range of sizes. Customized sizes can be produced for specific needs. DriMop is also available in a strip for use in automated dispensing systems.

DriMop Laminate Sheets

DriMop Laminate Sheets are a fiber based paper bonded with DriMop immobilizing powder that gives the same fluid control protection as the DriMop packets in areas where space is a premium. DriMop Laminate Sheets can give effective fluid control in almost any size or shape container.

Multisorb Technologies practices a policy of continuous improvement, therefore we reserve the right to discontinue or change specifications, designs or materials, without notice, consistent with sound engineering principles and modern practices.

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