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Desiccants & Adsorbents

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Oxygen Absorber Packets, Strips & Labels


FreshMax® is the world's first oxygen absorbing label. FreshMax was specifically designed for adhesion within packaging of high value foods where oxygen absorption requirements are at levels below 50cc.

Patented FreshMax labels protect foods against mold growth, color change, rancidity, and loss of nutritional value. They can be adhesive backed and offer a flat, flexible format, with an ultra-thin, low profile design, making them seemingly invisible. FreshMax has proven so successful in protecting high value foods, it has been recognized with numerous national and international awards in the packaging industry.

FreshMax labels offer several distinct advantages for your high value food packaging:

  • Can be adhesive-backed for firm attachment anywhere within the package
  • Custom printing is available
  • FreshMax extends shelf life resulting from oxygen levels below 0.01%
  • Labels maintain product quality and appearance
  • Prevents growth of aerobic microorganisms
  • FreshMax labels eliminate the need for antioxidants such as BHA and BHT
  • Can be used with gas flushing to absorb all residual oxygen and remove any oxygen that permeates the package
  • Can be disguised as a label, coupon or product promotion
  • Are easily applied using commercially available labeling equipment

Typical high value food applications include:

  • Processed, smoked and cured meats
  • Breads, cakes, pastries
  • Candies and confectioneries
  • Cheeses and dairy products
  • Fresh and pre-cooked pasta and noodles

Maximum versatility and cost-effectiveness

Being a label, FreshMax can be easily applied or inserted using conventional labeling equipment or insertion machines. The labels are available in numerous sizes to fit your existing or new packaging requirements, and can be customized with your company graphics, promotional copy, instructions, etc.

FreshMax Oxygen Absorbers vs. Other Technologies

Packaging Method




Reduces and maintains Oxygen content in packaging to below 0.01% and maintains this level despite oxygen ingress

Eliminates spoilage, organisms, and oxidative chemical reactions in packaging

Vacuum & Back Flush

Achieves as little as 0.2% Residual Oxygen

Controls aerobic microbial growth

Gas Flushing

Approximately 0.5% to 5% Oxygen

Provides some control of aerobic microbial growth

Package requirements for successful use of FreshMax

FreshMax has been found to be effective in absorbing low levels of oxygen when used with many kinds of packaging materials including EVOH and PVDC. Some important considerations to keep in mind regarding certain types of packaging include:

  • Adequate barrier should be used - Materials must be checked for their oxygen permeability.
  • Hermetic seals are essential - Non-hermetic seals reduce shelf-life by using up oxygen absorber capacity prematurely.
  • Package geometry - The package must be designed so as to allow free circulation of air around the product.

It is recommended that application tests with actual materials and equipment be conducted before using and specifying FreshMax. This includes determining the water activity of the product as nearly as possible, at what temperature the product will be packaged, and specifications of the packaging film.

Multisorb Technologies practices a policy of continuous improvement, therefore we reserve the right to discontinue or change specifications, designs or materials, without notice, consistent with sound engineering principles and modern practices.

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