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Desiccants & Adsorbents

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Thermoformed Desiccant Bags & Cups



Versatility and Flexibility
for Mobile and Stationary
Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration Systems

Multisorb Technologies offers a complete selection of Thermoformed Desiccant Bags specifically designed to solve moisture problems associated with air conditioning and refrigeration systems, both mobile and stationary applications.

Our engineers can design Thermoformed Desiccant Bags in many shapes and sizes to fit into just about any A/C or refrigeration application. The unique bags feature proprietary Electrostitch® sealing technology to ensure product reliability for maximum performance.

Thermoformed Desiccant Bags offer distinct advantages for A/C and refrigeration systems to help:

  • Prevent internal corrosion
  • Improve system reliability
  • Protect system components
  • Extend system life

Typical applications include:

  • Automobile A/C systems
  • Refrigerated transportation vehicles
  • Truck and bus A/C systems


  • Commercial/residential A/C systems
  • Refrigerated warehouses/coolers
  • Industrial cooling systems

Why use desiccants in air conditioning and
refrigeration systems?
Moisture collects within any air conditioning or refrigeration system even though the system is sealed. Refrigerant breakdown and the reaction of system contaminants with this moisture can lead to internal corrosion, especially in thin gauge flow tubes, fins, evaporators and other system components.

Desiccants adsorb moisture that collects within components to eliminate the potential for internal corrosion. They provide ongoing protection against moisture to help improve system reliability and extend the life of the entire A/C or refrigeration system.

Thermoformed Desiccant Bags have many benefits:
Thermoformed Desiccant Bags are designed to provide a cost-effective solution to problems associated with loose fill, packed bed desiccants. Thermoformed bags:

  • Won't damage system components - Unlike loose desiccant materials which can leak into an A/C or refrigeration system, clogging passages and damaging components such as a compressor, Thermoformed Bags hold the desiccant in a durable, compact polyester felt package. Proprietary Electrostitch sealing technology virtually eliminates the potential for leakage of loose desiccant materials. In addition, the bags' mesh material can filter other impurities from the system's refrigerant and lubricating oil.

Loose fill, packed bed desiccants used in a receiver drier can leak into the A/C system where it can clog passages and damage components such as moving compressor parts.


Thermoformed Bags hold the desiccant, virtually eliminating the potential for leakage of loose desiccant materials.

  • Provide easy assembly to reduce labor costs - The Thermoformed bags enable easy installation and can be integrated with automated assembly lines for reduced labor costs and increased production efficiency. In receiver dryers, loose fill desiccants typically involve hand-pouring of the desiccant material and require installation of metal plates and fiberglass pads to hold the material in place. SorbaRing® thermoformed bags can eliminate these metal plates, fiberglass pads and other components to simplify design and purchasing requirements. For accumulator dryers, we offer a unique SaddleForm® saddle bag design that is self-retaining so it stays in place once installed.

  • Meet the exact specifications of your application - They are available in three standard forms -- SorbaRing® Bags, SaddleForm® Bags, and Cups. Thermoformed Desiccant Bags come in an array of sizes and shapes and can be designed for your specific applications.

SorbaRing® Desiccant Bags - adsorb moisture and
filter in one part
SorbaRing® is a unique, patented desiccant bag designed to both adsorb moisture and filter impurities in air conditioning systems, particularly systems utilizing a thermal expansion valve. SorbaRing® holds the desiccant in a doughnut shaped package which easily slips over the liquid tube in a receiver drier.

An integrated mesh fabric filters impurities from the refrigerant and the lubricating oil and provides increased surface area for more efficient filtering. Automated assembly of SorbaRing® into the receiver drier reduces the high cost of assembly associated with loose fill, packed bed desiccants.

SaddleForm® Desiccant Bags - self-retaining for
easy assembly
SaddleForm® Desiccant Bags feature a unique, patented saddle bag design for easy assembly in A/C system components, particularly in accumulator dryers. Available in many different configurations to meet your specifications, SaddleForm® is self-retaining to stay in place once it is installed.

Its two pouches in one saddle bag enable an increase in the amount of desiccant used without having to assemble two separate bags. SaddleForm® can be custom designed to fit a specific location in an accumulator or receiver drier of your particular system.

DesiForm® Desiccant Cups - custom sizes for optimum versatility
Multisorb offers a wide range of Desiccant Cups which, like SorbaRing®, both adsorb moisture and filter impurities in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The cups hold the desiccant in a durable pouch which is easily installed in system components.

An integrated mesh fabric filters impurities from the refrigerant and the lubricating oil and provides increased surface area for more efficient filtering. The self-contained desiccant cups offer versatility for use in countless applications. The cups can be integrated with automated assembly lines to reduce labor costs.


Multisorb Technologies practices a policy of continuous improvement, therefore we reserve the right to discontinue or change specifications, designs or materials, without notice, consistent with sound engineering principles and modern practices.

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