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Desiccants & Adsorbents

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Desiccant Cartridges, Canisters & Caps



SorbiCap™ is a safe, non-toxic sorbent canister to adsorb moisture and odor in pharmaceutical and diagnostic product packaging. Featuring a non-dusting design and sonically welded end caps, SorbiCap canisters eliminate the dusting and other problems associated with conventional canisters.

SorbiCap has several distinct advantages for your packaging:

  • Virtually non-dusting to eliminate product contamination
  • Welded ends for greater structural strength - stay sealed even under extreme pressure
  • No label to move, catch, shift or fall off
  • Can withstand irradiation for sterilization

Typical applications include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical diagnostic kits
  • Vitamins
  • Electronics



1. Porous plastic ends create a tortuous path that virtually eliminates dusting.

2. Welded ends stay sealed, even under extreme pressure.

3. Product identification is printed right on the ends with inks that meet FDA guidelines.

Designed for ease of use
SorbiCap has features that make it easy to substitute it for other canisters you may be using. It is sized to fit existing dispensing equipment, so you don’t have to make expensive or complex alterations to your production line. SorbiCap is made of FDA grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) so you don’t need to perform additional stability testing, and it offers effective adsorption rates to protect your product. In addition, SorbiCap can withstand irradiation to allow for final product sterilization.

Multisorb Technologies practices a policy of continuous improvement, therefore we reserve the right to discontinue or change specifications, designs or materials, without notice, consistent with sound engineering principles and modern practices.

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