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Desiccants & Adsorbents

With more than 35 years of experience, Multisorb offers over 1,000 different desiccants, packaged absorbents and adsorbents to protect packaged products from moisture, oxygen, odors, liquid spills and more... the broadest line of active packaging components in the world.
Desiccant Packets, Bags & Labels Thermoformed Desiccant Bags & Cups
  » MiniPax®   » Saddleform® Desiccant Bags
  » StripPax® Packets   » SorbaRing® Desiccant Bags
  » DesiForm® Desiccant Cups

  » Natrasorb® Bagged Desiccants

  » DesiMax® Desiccant Labels

Tablets and Molded Desiccants

Humidity Indicator Cards
  » Natrasorb® 900 Molded Desiccants   » Humonitor® Humidity Indicator Cards
  » MultiformTM Tablets

Desiccant Paper

Regenerable Desiccant Cartridges
  » Drikette® Desiccant Paper   » DriCan® Reusable Desiccant Canister

Desiccant Cartridges, Canisters & Caps

Liquid Absorbers & Spill Containment
  » SorbicapTM Desiccant Canisters   » SaniSorbTM Medical Liquid Absorber
  » DriCap® Desiccant Cartridges   » DriMop® Liquid Absorbers
  » DesiCap® Desiccant Caps/Vials

Desiccant in Hot Melt & Tape Form

Oxygen Absorber Packets, Strips & Labels
  » DesiMax® SLF Hot Melt   » FreshMax®
      Oxygen Absorbing Labels
  » DesiMax® SLF Tape Form   » FreshPaxTM
     Oxygen Absorbing
     Packets and Strips

Desiccant Dispensing Systems

Custom Desiccant and Sorbent Solutions
  » Active-Pak Automation 
     High Speed
     Dispensing Systems
  » Custom
     Assistance from Multisorb

Humidity Control for Cargo Containers
  » TranSorbTM

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