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Product Packaging

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High Speed Filling & Sealing!
Sachet Packaging Material suitable for Liquid
DH Sealant (Multi - Layerde packaging films)

High Speed
Maintaining the low sealability of DH-M, DH SEALAND has improved its Hot tack properties and sealability through contaminants properties. It can be operated on the latest high speed filling machine.
Pressure Resistance
Using the original lamination method of DH-M, DH SEALAND modified mixture of the materials to improve pressure resistance property. Its pressure resistance stability in the practical range has also been improved.
Easy Pealing
Combining our easy pealing process "MAGIC CUT" DH-SEALAND can be easy pealed without notches.
Longer rolls
The roll length of 2,500 m/roll has been achieved by improving evenness and winding conditions.(Length depends on film structure and whether MAGIC CUT is applied or not. Please ask our sales representatives for details.)


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