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Request Literature

Liturature of Multisorb products are available for qualified applications. To request samples, complete and submit this form.

Multisorb Technologies offers an extensive library of informative literature on our many products and services - all available to you for free. Simply click the box(es) next to the literature you would like, complete the name and address information below and submit this form. You may also fax your request to IES at 09 818 5002.

Desiccant Packets, Bags & Labels
MiniPax® and StripPax Packets 
Natrasorb Bagged Desiccants 
DesiMax® Desiccant Labels 

Tablets and Molded Desiccants
Natrasorb® 900 Molded Desiccants 
MultiformTM Tablets 

Desiccant paper

Drikette® Desiccant Paper 

Desiccant Cartridges/Canisters
SorbicapTM Desiccant Canisters 
DriCap® Desiccant Cartridges 
DesiCap® Desiccant Caps/Vials 
Desiccant in Hot Melt & Tape Form
DesiMax® SLF Hot Melt 
DesiMax® SLF Tape 
Thermoformed Desiccant Bags & Cups
SaddleForm®, SorbaRing® and Desiform® 
Humidity Indicator Cards
Humonitor® Humidity Indicator Cards 

Regenerable Desiccant Cartridges

DriCan® Reusable Desiccant Canister 

Oxygen Absorber Packets, Strips & Labels

FreshPaxTM Oxygen Absorbing Packets and Strips 
FreshMax® Oxygen Absorbing Labels 

Liquid Absorbers & Spill Containment

SaniSorbTM Medical Liquid Absorber 
DriMop® Liquid Absorbers 

Desiccant Dispensing Systems

APA 2000 High Speed Dispensing Systems 

Please send me the following Multisorb Technologies Literature:

Capabilities Brochure 
Full color brochure details Multisorb's comprehensive capabilities including core competencies, strategic partnerships, unique manufacturing and processing techniques, ISO 9001/QS-9000 certified quality system and more.

Full Line Product Brochure 

Twenty page, four color brochure provides overview of Multisorb's complete product offering from desiccants and oxygen absorbers to dispensing systems and custom sorbents. Includes detailed product descriptions and photographs.



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